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Beet Extreme is an All-natural Endurance Booster formulated specifically to improve aerobic endurance.

Beets have been proven to increase time to exhaustion by up to 16% and reduce oxygen cost by up to 19%!

Here’s a list of benefits you can expect from Beet Extreme:
⇒ Increased Aerobic Endurance
⇒ Slower Rate of Fatigue
⇒ Faster Recovery Times
⇒ Reduced Inflammation
⇒ Improved Mitochondrial Efficiency
⇒ Improved Blood Iron Levels
⇒ Reduced Cardiovascular Stress
⇒ Improved Muscle Alkalinity

The main active ingredient is a Certified Organic, Non-GMO Beet and Kale juice powder blend , with GUARANTEED HIGH NITRATE LEVELS – the key component needed to boost Nitric Oxide levels in the body, resulting in the vasodilation levels necessary for maximal oxygen and nutrient deliver to your working muscles.

BEET EXTREME is Certified Drug Free - guaranteed to be free of any banned substances on the World Anti-Doping Banned Substance List.

Check out what a 2X US National Champion has to say about Beet Extreme:

There has been a lot of research done that substantiates the performance benefits of beets that are high in nitrates. The reason I choose Beet Extreme is because: 1). It is Certified Drug Free™ (Certified Free of any WADA Banned Substances); 2). They use Certified Organic Beet and Kale powder with GUARANTEED high Nitrate levels; and 3). My test ride data shows 4% performance improvement on average and lower Perceived Rate of Exertion of 10%, so there is less suffering at the given output and that's always good! There is no guilt in a product that is LEGAL, super good for your health, and as potent as some illegal PEDs!

Jeremiah Bishop
16X US National Team Member
Pan American Games Gold Medalist
2008 USA National Champion – Short Track Cross Country
2008 USA National Champion – Marathon Mountain Bike

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    Mix ONE scoop with 10-12 oz of water or your favorite sports drink and consume.

    • For sports & fitness, take 60-90 minutes prior to exertion.
    • For general health, simply take every morning.
    • For sexual performance, take 60-90 minutes prior to sexual activity.

    Note: Most people like the taste of Beet Extreme. However, if you have trouble tolerating the taste when mixed with water, try mixing it with a sports drink or adding something sweet like apple juice. This should make it easier to drink.

    Beet Extreme is the only Beet Juice Powder supplement available that GUARANTEES 20,000 ppm of nitrates! This guarantees that you will get the same great results with Beet Extreme bottle after bottle after bottle!

    Don't be fooled by other company's claims as to how many actual beets are in each serving. That is a meaningless claim when it comes to improving performance. As with all fruits and vegetables, nutrient values may vary greatly from crop to crop, so the amount of nitrates per beet will vary greatly as well. The most important factor when it comes to finding an effective beet product is how much nitrate are you getting with each dose!

    Overall Customer Rating of 11 Reviews:

    My Favorite Supplement

    I can go on for months about how great this supplement is. I absolutely love Beet Extreme. First of all it tastes GREAT. I never feel like I have to force it down. Secondly, its very easy to digest. I’ve noticed a HUGE difference in my training while taking this. I’m not easily fatigued anymore. I can’t get enough of this product.
    Livie E. : Austin, TX

    Awesome for Crossfit!

    Beet Extreme tastes great, it is super convenient to take, and I have noticed a BIG difference in my endurance. I don’t get as fatigued and I just feel great taking this product. It really has come to be one of my favorite supplements to take. The combination of Beet Extreme with your other featured product ATP Extreme is UNBEATABLE!

    Irving Hernandez - 4X Crossfit Regionals Qualifier

    The Irv: GEORGIA

    I'm sold

    I found Beet Extreme to be a great product backed by science with real results. Since being on it, I feel stronger, my power numbers are up, and I had my best Circuit Race finish in 3 years!
    JCruser: CA

    I’ve tested Beet Extreme for two solid weeks and I am really impressed. Foremost, I’m not a stranger to beet use for training but have mostly relied on eating them verses concentrated powder. While solid food is key to training, there’s no comparison to the concentrate. My heart rate felt stronger and it wasn’t just a mere feeling: FTP was 8 watts higher averaged since being on the product. There was also a notable boost during VO2 Max efforts for this time of year. For me, Zone 5 encroaches into 190 BPM and last week I was able to hit that during 4 minute efforts and “comfortably” cruise at that HR at the end of the efforts. It’s really early for that level of peak HR. Normally I’m happy to be reaching 185-187 for similar efforts. I can not wait to further my use of Beet Extreme for a major block of training and for racing!
    Charlotte Hart - Cat 1 Racer: California

    Lower heart rate by 5-15 BPM

    I tested Beet Extreme on three tough workouts and I got really great results. Two were indoor in a controlled environment with my power meter and HR monitor, and the other was on a famous hill ride in my area. When on Beet Extreme, my Heart Rate was on average 5-15 beats per minute lower throughout my testing. Even more amazing was how I performed on my indoor training. Before using Beet Extreme, I literally crapped out and was not able to even finish the workout. When I took Beet Extreme, not only did I finish the workout, but I was also able to add on a series of high-intensity anaerobic intervals as well. In short, Beet Extreme gave me increased endurance, the ability to sustain hard efforts longer, and reduced heart rates and the same effort level. I will definitely be recommending this products to all my fellow cyclists!
    Stefano Parfumo - 2015 CA State Champion – Masters 35-40
    StefanoP: California

    Beet Extreme passed my testing

    I put Beet Extreme to the test with really tough swim and bike workouts and I was blown away by the results. For the swim workout, I was able to sustain the same pace and times that I normally would hit at sea level, except that I now train in Colorado. In addition, the times I was hitting were the same times I was hitting last year when I was in peak condition. For me to hit times like that at altitude this early in the season is mind blowing!

    Justin Mendoza - Triathlete

    TriJustin: Colorado

    Huge difference!

    Since I started using Beet Extreme I have noticed a huge improvement in my lung capacity. I just feel like I’m not totally gasping for breath all the time. For the athletes at our gym, it’s not unusual for training sessions to last as long as three and a half hours. After getting on Beet Extreme, I’m able to get through these sessions feeling much easier while maintaining great intensity. I love it!

    Jessica Griffith - Crossfit Athlete

    JessGriff: Ozark, MO

    Every serious crossfitter should be taking this product

    I’ve been taking Beet Extreme for 30 days now, and as the Crossfit Games Open approaches, I’ve improved drastically on every single workout that I’ve retested. In our sport, 1-2 reps can mean 10-20 spots on the leaderboard, and also whether or not you qualify for the next stage… Regionals. So far I have improved 8-14 reps on each of the 5 Crossfit workouts that I recently retested. There was a huge difference on my aerobic capacity during these workouts and I was able to push at a high intensity all the way through the time cap of each one. I feel more ready than ever and I will continue to take Beet Extreme for training and for competition.

    MikeHernandez: Riverside, CA

    I'm sold

    After using Beet Extreme, I immediately began to feel less fatigued and more invigorated on my rides and in races, especially in the longer ones. And this was certainly the case when I sprinted for the win at the end of 71-mile U.S. Masters National 45-49 Road Race this year. Beet Extreme is a great product, and is now a regular part of my pre-ride regime!


    Beet Extreme is definitely Legit!

    I use Beet Extreme in conjunction with your other supplement ATP Extreme and was truly blown away by the results I got. I tested them on my toughest interval workout and I found my heart rate to be 5-10 beats per minute less for the same effort. In addition, I hit my max power output on my last interval, which has NEVER happened before. (Usually that happens much earlier in the workout) There is no doubt in my mind that any serious endurance athlete will benefit greatly from using Beet Extreme!

    Alex Wild - Pro Mtn Bike Racer

    Alex W Pro: California


    I've been taken Beet Extreme for 30 days after my knee surgery is believing that it's helping me with recovery. Love the product so far!

    Robert Stephens : Owings Mills MD